management team member

Johnny Nicholson


Johnny has over 10 years of hands-on experience in the utility-scale PV solar, and he places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and operational excellence. Johnny is committed to offering high-quality services.
He is an inspiring and motivational manager with first-rate interpersonal skills and the ability & passion to develop the vision of any company. He has the ability to manage multiple tasks and inspire the staff to enable them to perform at their best and keep them motivated at all times.


Previous O&M Portfolio

  • 120 utility scale PV solar sites
  • >6 GW of DC capacity
  • 27 clients
  • 87 field associates team

Network Operations Center Specialist

  • Lead 24/7 monitoring operations
  • Troubleshooting SME

Planning & Scheduling Expert

Worked as supervisors and manager at First Solar for 10 years, where he lead the creation of a best in class, scalable, metrics-driven solution for Solar O&M planning & scheduling