Wind Operations

Tonian Renewables wind maintenance program specialize in minimizing downtime and helping you achieve your revenue goals. Our services include major corrective repair, asset management, and balance of plant.
We are proud of our skilled wind engineers. Working at height and in tight spaces is a tough job. We make sure our teams receive the best training and are best equipped to deliver world class service in these extreme working conditions. We keep our training up-to-date so you can be assured of a reliable service. Our engineers come armed with the most recent knowledge and a large array of spare ready to address any situation.
Our services are aimed at generating complete control of each aspect / stage to the owner in terms of, performance, transparency and autonomy in the execution of Wind Projects with experienced manpower who are well trained and skilled in their area of operations. Whether it’s about entire wind turbine, control system, nacelle, or foundation, from large components to the smallest components – with us you will find the right expert for your wind project / operating assets. We offer tailored solutions to suit your specific needs and requirements, providing specific O&M services or a fully integrated approach.

Full O&M Service


Tonian provides full, turnkey O&M service with NERC compliant 24/7 monitoring and holistic availability guarantees. The expert technicians on our team have the tools and experience to provide you with a professional preventive maintenance program. Our services minimize downtime which allows your company to maximize profits and achieve your revenue goals.

‍Any technical problems that arise can be quickly resolved by our team. A specific inspection plan based upon your unique needs will be developed to cultivate a service fit to what you desire and guarantee the quality of your assets. Our company will take care of your needs in an efficient, affordable way.

Full O&M Services

  • Performance Guarantees
  • 24/7 Operations and Monitoring
  • NERC Compliance Program
  • Advanced Monitoring &Analytics
  • Corrective & Preventative Maintenance
  • BOP

Field Services - RNWBL Affiliates

  • Major Component Repair and Remanufacturing
  • Major Component Exchange
  • Blade Repair
  • Spare Parts
  • End of Warranty Inspection
  • Asset Management

Benefits for you

  • Wide range of O&M services provided by a single contractor.
  • By taking full ownership and providing O&M services at a flat rate, you can reduce operational risks, management interfaces, and contractual complexity.
  • Attain the highest levels of health and safety by using integrated HSE policies, documentation packages, and work instructions.
  • More than 50 years of combined experience of the management team members from diverse backgrounds will assist you in each aspect of the wind power project management.