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Keeping wind & solar power on the grid
You will have the flexibility to choose from among the list of services based on your requirements.
Solar Operations

Having worked with leading solar energy equipment manufacturers and industry players, we as professional team have gained decades of experience in the O&M industry, where we maintain our client’s assets as if they are our own. We have gained industry leading expertise in design, operations, and maintenance for utility scale solar. Our services extend beyond traditional O&M to include critical spare parts sourcing, site restoration services, and reengineering of existing facilities to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Our ultimate aim is to extend the useful life of your assets, maximize profitability, streamline the performance and availability, and minimize the overall operational costs, while striving for continual improvement. We will bring the future of solar closer, simplify your job, banish outdated technology, and grow your business faster.

Wind Operations

Several businesses and individuals that own wind farms have installed wind turbines made by various OEMs. Throughout their lifetime, these wind turbines need frequent upkeep and repairs. These multi-make turbines with several OEMs have significant and variable annual maintenance fees. It takes time and effort to track the same with numerous service providers. However, getting the maintenance and repairs undertaken by us, as a single service provider will always be beneficial for you in terms of cost-effectiveness and getting the best performance from the turbines in the long run. Our services include major corrective repair, asset management, and balance of plant. We are not only experienced O&M providers, but we can be your partner helping you to produce energy in compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

We will provide multi-make services for your wind assets to ensure business continuity, secure revenues, enhances the ROI of the machines, and safeguards customer assets. Our wind maintenance program specializes in minimizing downtime and helping you achieve your revenue goals.

Let's work together on your operations & maintenance challenges.