Solar Technician Traveling


  • Responsible for performing local plant and unit startup, monitoring, and shutdown as well as preparation and implementation of clearances, switching (emergency and routine), pre-operational and performance testing, and return to service.
  • Performs emergency, preventive, and predictive maintenance on equipment associated with a PV Solar power generating facility.
  • Maintain logs and records as required to record complete operating conditions for the facility and report and irregularities.
  • Performs diagnostic and routine maintenance on programmable logic controllers (PLC’s) and associated systems; Protective Relays, Utility Switchyards and Communication Systems.
  • Creates, plans, documents work performed, and closes work orders as required using the work management system.
  • Performs other technical and administrative duties associated with operating and maintaining a power facility; ensuring all OEM Warranty obligations are being followed.
  • Ensures work is performed in accordance with Environmental and Safety requirements.
  • Performs work independently and/or in assigned work crews.
  • May supervise or direct the work of individual technicians and/or crews of technicians of equal or lower levels.
  • Ability to plan, implement, and direct operations and maintenance work activities.
  • Demonstrated crew leadership abilities.
  • Ability to provide a safe and healthful work environment for assigned individuals.
  • Ability to plan for and support environmental awareness and compliance for assigned individuals and work crews.

Qualifications: Knowledge/Skills

  • Proven experience with a multitude of electrical/construction projects and knowledge of basic IT equipment.
  • Understanding of general workplace safety and the ability to follow safety standards as well as help the company improve upon the standards in place.
  • Ability to excel in a collaborative, cross-functional and geographically diverse organization.
  • Detail-oriented with an ability to synthesize complex analysis, approach new challenges with creativity and summarize information in a manner that supports key decision makers.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in research, highly technical equipment and engineering.
  • Excellent hands on abilities with strong technical skills.
  • Ability to operate personal computer with technical proficiency of standard business software.
  • Knowledge of applicable safety and environmental regulations.


  • Demonstrates proactive enthusiasm for solving problems and adding value to the company.
  • Maintains a current level of professional knowledge.
  • Focuses on personal growth and development by actively seeking feedback and responding with action.
  • Ability to establish and maintain a positive and professional working relationship with all individuals and crews.
  • Models professional behaviors of conduct and decorum.
  • Is a strong team player and willing to assist others when necessary and appropriate


  • Knowledge of complex analog and digital instrumentation and control systems; proper methods for troubleshooting, repairing, and adjusting instruments and control systems; proper and safe methods to clear equipment; safe use of tools; plant safety rules; reporting procedures and practices, maintenance procedures and practices; electrical and mechanical prints, and PV Solar plant terminology and nomenclature.
  • Possess 2 year technical degree or equivalent Journeyman certification/qualifications, and 5+ years of experience, preferably 1 year minimum as a Lead Technician and /or Project Manager.
  • Ability to communicate clearly verbal and written information and directives; troubleshoot equipment and system problems; detect and correct faulty instruments and control devices; install special or sensitive instruments; prioritize work; read and understand technical information, prints, and engineering data; interpret charts, graphs and gauge scales; and interface and work with others.
  • Must be able to use a personal computer keyboard and printer, engineering station keyboard, and various test equipment.  Should have a good working ability with MS Office programs. Must be able to articulate sufficiently to provide complex technical explanations.  Must be able to read and comprehend highly technical instruction books and manuals.
  • Qualified to perform all routine and emergency operations at an electric generation facility and HV Switchyard.

 Working Conditions

  • Normal plant and/or office environment, including working at heights, high/low ambient temperatures and high humidity areas.
  • Requires standing, sitting, walking, kneeling, twisting, climbing stairs and ladders, and entering plant equipment to access, inspect, or collect data on plant equipment.
  • Requires use of wear personal protective safety equipment (respirators, safety glasses, hard hat, appropriate footwear, ear plugs, etc.).
  • May be required to work around rotating and energized equipment, hazardous materials and chemicals.
  • Occasionally requires lifting up to 70 pounds, to perform duties and responsibilities.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Work overtime and non-standard working hours – (nights) as required.
  • Travel required