About us

Tonian Renewables provides Wind, Solar and Storage Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services to its customers. Those services include; NERC, performance monitoring and engineering, inverter and wind turbine repair, module cleaning, corrective maintenance, and preventive maintenance. The company is engaged in operating and maintaining customers assets with an aim to increase productivity and decrease the overall cost. In addition to cleaning, inspecting, and repairing the damaged parts, the company is also be involved in assisting these plant owners in sourcing high-quality replacement parts. For this, Tonian has already entered into partnerships with other O&M parts suppliers in the United States. The company also assists asset owners in restoring their underperforming assets to expected performance levels and keep them at those levels.
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To accelerate the shift to renewable energy by providing highest value O&M services enabling our clients to improve their plant operations, embrace safety, decrease cost and improve production.
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Provide the highest value O&M services in the industry by creating efficiencies (lower cost and higher production) through people, scale, technology, disciplined processes, and transparency.

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